Service / Layanan

1.WareHouse complex Management

More Info , please Call The EdGe team

2.Property Investment Planner

Help investor to get minimum 15% PROFIT  from Property within 12 months. This Investment is better than money deposit.

3.Premium Agent

A Premium Agent or buyer’s agent is the practice of real estate brokers and The EdGe agents representing a buyer in a real estate transaction rather than, by default, representing the seller either directly.

The EdGe agents can exist exclusively (where The EdGe chooses to only represent buyers and never sellers, as an exclusive buyer agent) or, in a full-service company, by offering the EdGe services to buyers who become clients. Buyers would have to agree to some form of dual agency in the event that they wished to buy a property which that company has listed for sale and for which it represents the seller.

4.Agent Property

Jual – Beli – Sewa Property

7 Alasan Investor memilih The EdGe :

  1. Tersedia 8 alat filter untuk menemukan properti yang tepat dari 7000 pilihan

  2. Resiko rendah sertifikat ganda melalui jaringan notaris terlengkap

  3. Sangat paham seluk beluk proses jual beli karena sudah melakukan transaksi > 270 kali

  4. Tersedia Rancangan Bisnis karena berpengalaman > 13 tahun menangani proses jual beli properti

  5. Bebas rasa takut akibat resiko kebakaran selama 5 tahun*

  6. Tersedia tim yang handal untuk memastikan kelancaran proses negosiasi, baik dengan penjual maupun pembeli

  7. Tersedia jaringan yang luas untuk pengurusan izin PMA, maupun PMDN, mulai dari SIUP,TDP,NPWP,KITAS,,HO dll

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