Choosing the right Property Agent

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There are several reasons, why it takes a real estate agent that really professional?

  1. save time, effort, and thought of the owner propertiat time, energy, and thought of the property owner.
  2. do not have to take a call every day, or even have to deliver prospective buyers / tenants who are not yet definitely serious (just a fad).
  3. Provide the time, energy, thought to take care of the negotiations and the process of buying or selling a complicated (for a layman).

The Edge gives advice / tips that can be used to select a real estate agent, so marketing the property, negotiating the sale and purchase transaction to be maximal, namely:

Know the type / kind of real estate agent

1. Individual property agent or called “broker traditional”

They do not have an office or an officially registered company. Usually they do not have a sense of responsibility to anyone, except to himself alone. Their professional level is very low.

2. Non-franchise real estate agent company

Along with the development of the property market in Indonesia, many real estate agencies popping up. Market or the public will have more confidence, if they relate to property agents in the form of the company and has an official office, making it easier to hold.

3. Real estate agent franchise company

Recently, there are many real estate agencies have sprung up in the form of franchise from abroad and locally. The advantage of using an agent is a franchise property type cross marketing system (co-broking), the real estate agent to market the property that is in another office (including franchise brands in the same network).

Quality property agents that must be considered.

  • Basic knowledge about the basic properties such as the legal ownership of the property, type / type, condition of buildings, property taxes, transaction costs, etc.
  • Professionalism in the understanding of the client’s needs, not based on the closing / deal only.
  • Physical appearance
  • Honesty
  • Easily contacted
  • Always update in general, better follow-up of clients, etc.
  • Better able to communicate in English, mandarin.
  • Often handle the sale and purchase of the marketing process to AJB in a notary public, giving rise to a sense of security and comfort (not afraid to be deceived). This can be proved by the testimony and extensive knowledge of the real estate agent.
  • Have partnership notary, bank lenders, appraisal, attorneys, advertising agencies, contractors, interior design, architects etc..
  • Know the area that became her specialty or location, including details of existing facilities such as places of worship, hospitals / clinics, markets, schools, places to eat, etc.
  • Have a complete database listing, to meet client needs.
  • Understand knowledge about property loans, both calculations, as well as types of interest rates.
  • Property marketing experts. Understand, how to market the property properly without wasting a lot of cost, time, thoughts, and physical exertion.
  • Have regular training system for real estate agents.

 Standards Commission

Magnitude is a 3% commission for the sale, and 5% for rental. Commissions paid at the time a prospective buyer gives Dp (down payment) that usually amounted to approximately 10%.

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